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A Road Trip To Remember – You’d Have To See It To Believe It!

Pictures of a once-in-a-lifetime experience with my best buds!

Theo James

Hi, I’m Theo James from Arizona! Being recent graduates, my roommates and I thought it was the perfect time... to travel across the country. We love experiencing new things and wanted to share these special moments with you. I was given a game-changing device that has captured and documented every little detail and I can’t wait for you to see what it is.

I decided a couple years ago that I would take some time off with my roommates to travel across the country. Since we were all recent college grads, our debts were high, and our combined income was low. We decided it would be best to pool our money together and rent a van for the ultimate road trip! Something fun and spontaneous to do before we all had to look for day jobs and start acting like ‘real’ adults.

Burning Man, Black Rock City

Our first stop was Burning Man in Black Rock City. If you’ve never heard of Black Rock City, its probably because it doesn’t really exist! Black Rock City only resurrects for the duration of the Burning Man festival in Black Rock, Nevada. This is unlike any other music festival out there! Thousands of people gather in the middle of the desert with a literal massive burning man. All the garbage that is brought to the festival is thrown into the fire. Not a single piece of trash is left after the crowds have gone their own way.

Hard to imagine, isn’t it?

When I had the time to take pictures, they came out pretty awesome! I didn’t think I would be able to get the entire burning in the picture but here it is! Check out this bird’s eye view of the festival…

Unexpected Wedding Crashers!

After recovering from three days in the desert, we made our way to LA. Nine hours and forty-four minutes later we were laying by the beach with beers in hand. Now this may sound crazy because I’ve only ever seen it in movies, but we saw a bride running along the sand in her wedding dress! She was barefoot, bouquet in one hand, while the other was holding up the edge of her dress so it didn’t drag across the sand. Clearly out of breath, she stopped about four feet in front of us. Tears falling down her cheek, she turned and asked us where the nearest bus stop is.

It was clear she was planning on leaving her husband at the altar, if she hadn’t already. Maybe I’m secretly a romantic at heart, but I had to talk her out of it! The thought of some poor guy waiting at the alter just crushed me. I don’t know if its because she finished off our beer (maybe that’s exactly what she needed), but she ended up making her way back to the wedding. Her only request was that we all attend the reception! I’ve never crashed a wedding before, but I may start doing it more often!

I could go on about our road trip adventures, but truth be told, some of them are a little too racy! I look back at the pictures from our road trip and I can’t believe the situations we got ourselves in! I’m glad I was able to capture these amazing moments!

Here are the ones that won’t get us in too much trouble!

Out of all the incredible photos I took, this one here is the one selfie that gained me 10k followers after being posted for only 20 minutes.

Can you figure out how I took this picture? Take a closer look at what I’m holding in my hands. Do you see it? It’s my phone being used as a controller. The device that took this amazing picture is the AltusCam HD drone. I like to call it the ‘selfie drone’ because that’s what it does! It takes perfect selfies every time!

The AltusCam HD Is Incredibly Easy To Use

The first time I used the AltusCam HD drone, I’ll be honest, it flew straight into a wall. I’m not too good with anything that functions with a controller (except for a television). But when I picked it up, the drone was completely fine! Perfect for me, since I knew there may be more crashes to come. But after five minutes, I was comfortably flying the drone and taking pictures at all heights and angles. This was awesome! I could finally take amazing pictures without having to carry around the heavy equipment. The quality of the camera is just as good as the new iPhone, but unlike the iPhone, I can take incredible pictures in the air! I can even get footage that even GoPro’s can’t. I have hundreds of photos and videos that capture a bird’s eye view of breathtaking scenery and group shots with everyone in them (for once)!

If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate these other easy-to-use features:

  • Gravity control, so you can steady the drone for a perfect picture
  • Real-time views sent right to your phone
  • Free app for easy access and even easier control
  • Wi-Fi app control
  • Adjustable speed levels
  • One-key take-off and landing
  • Flight path control
  • Voice controls

Along with its portable, compact, lightweight design, you can fold in the blades, keep it in your pocket, and always be ready to capture any special moment. I get amazing aerial photography from crazy heights and the hover mode is pure genius! The pictures come out looking professional every single time. You would have no idea I’m just an amateur blogger.

I’m so happy I had my pocket drone throughout our road trip. I don’t think anything will ever compare to the crazy times I had with my friends. And if I didn’t have the picture to prove it, chances are you’d never believe me!

This is where I bought my AltusCam HD


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Steven M. Crashed my drone about 10 times when I was learning how to fly. Impressive that everything is still in tact!

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Penny P. I got one of these for my nephew. He’s into tech gadgets so he really loves it! There’s a lot of cool features for him to play with and he usually records all his flights. We can instantly watch them from his phone.

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Tanya L. Easy to use, perfect gift for my kids! My two girls kept asking me for a drone ever since they saw someone flying one around the park. I looked into it, and aside from being expensive, I think my kids are too young to fly a device that big and heavy! The AltusCam HD is perfect for backyard fun. They’ve also been taking some great family pictures!

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Becky C. This thing takes better photos than my smartphone and the angles are crazy! I can take group shots with everyone in it for once. It’s also easy to use, which is surprising. When I think of drones, I assume its complicated. Not this one!

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Tom H. This is great if you’re just learning or looking for a drone to fly without any restrictions. In my area, you need a license to fly a drone if its over a certain weight and size. This one is great because its so small you could fly it in your backyard. Great to practice with before investing in a more expensive drone.

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